Saturday, 28 May 2016

what's cookin' good lookin'

Cringe worthy post title aside, I just thought I'd update y'all on things happening in my ever so uneventful life. I'm currently in the midst of exams, with English Language, Biology unit 1, Spanish, English Lit and Maths non-calc out the way and around six more to go...God give me strength.

So, I've got a new laptop which was sooo needed, my old laptop would constantly freeze and shut down whenever it'd feel like it which as you can probably imagine, wasn't so practical. I went through a major upgrade to the MacBook Air 11" which is muy amazing, I can't get over how light it is and most importantly how it never freezes nor shuts down.

I've also gotten new glasses which, once again, were very needed. My old frames weren't cutting it anymore (fun fact! i am very very blind lol) so I picked out these Karl Lagerfeld frames, they make me feel like an articulate hipster and overall just suit my face a whole lot better.

I'm absolutely broke at the moment yet I decided to order a dress off Urban Outfitters this morning, it was on sale though and it's a black shirt dress so I'll get a whole lot of wear out of it...right. Funny how I haven't even bought my prom dress yet and the event is in less than a month (cri) I can't find anything I like, I just want a black, floor length dress with a slit...idk why it's so hard to find one like that. On a more positive note, I have bought my heels which the thought of wearing is terrifying, the heel is 5 inches so I'm going to be way taller than my date so that's absolutely great (bars) They're absolutely sexy though so I'm willing to undergo the pain hehe.

Lastly, I GOT NEW HAIR PRODUCTS (!!!) Lately, my personal appearance has not been A1, so I've just let my hair do whatever and don't even bother covering up my dark circles so getting new hair products is key. Can't wait to look human again :)))

Anyway, I'm on half-term right now which I probably should've mentioned at the beginning of this post so hopefully I can slot in a few posts until I finish school for good on the 14th. I really can't believe that secondary school is so close to being over, but let me save those ramblings for later...


Friday, 13 May 2016

study mode

I'm taking a moment out of my revision to write a post about revision. How productive. Anyway, I was looking through my posts and saw that I wrote an incredibly feeble revision tips post that contained your oh-so-typical "use colour" "have breaks" "write short notes" advice. So, a year later and with less than 3 days to GCSEs, I'm here to save your day (lol I can't even save mine)

Watch and learn kids, watch and learn:
No seriously, go onto Youtube and watch a study video of your choice whilst pausing to make notes whenever you need to. But don't be like me and just keep the video on in the background whilst scrolling aimlessly through social media, thinking that just because a vaguely educational video is on you're revising. I highly recommend this strategy though, I use it for English Literature revision and it helps mucho mucho, I'm sure MyGCSEScience has his core science revision videos up there too. For English Lit I use the following: Mary Meredith and Mr Salles. If you do GCSE computing then definitely go and use Computer Science Tutor's videos because they are absolutely gr8. Another thing is actually finding the motivation to revise and this is where IbzMo's channel comes in, just watch a few of his education themed videos and you're good to go. He also has an English Lit, Sociology and Psychology study guide video with general tips, essay structure and other exam hacks to get you through. Honestly, he is a life saver and is such an inspirational individual who went from Hackney to Cambridge Uni all through perseverance and passion for his subjects.

Be traditional, write notes:
You can't beat the traditional note taking. Get a text book (no CGP pleaassseee) and read the page then sum it up in note form. If you're thinking, why is she getting onto CGP, from personal experience I find their science revision guides useless. I was a B in biology using their book but now I've switched to the Oxford AQA GCSE Biology book I'm hittin' them solid A/A*s (yes it's expensive but it's worth it) Also, make sure you have notes from each subject and topic divided, it's much more efficient than flicking through countless pages trying to find the right notes, I have a pukka pad for my biology notes and a refill pad in a folder with dividers for everything else.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

another rose gold mascara

Looks familiar? I done a post on the maybelline lash sensational mascara a few months ago and that too is in rose gold packaging and was accompanied by a very strategically placed set of eyelash curlers. So that's an answer if you don't know if you're having deja vu or nah. Moving on. New mascara up in here, too faced better than sex mascara (gr8 name) is the latest addition to my ever-growing "makeup collection" -collection aka 3 concealers 2 mascaras and a lipstick lol- and it's perfect. I usually go for lengthening mascaras because although my natural lashes are quite long, I love the naturally lifted look so those do the job but for when I want something a little more prominent, this mascara is the way to go. Not only does it lift your lashes, it volumises and curls them in one go so there's no need to layer mascaras to get whatever look you want- this is a triple whammy product (omgg) The wand is quite interesting, it's an hourglass shape which really does hook onto every lash but sometimes it can lead to clumps, I don't know whether that's how the mascara is or because the formula is still pretty wet- I'll update when it's dried out a bit and isn't as gloopy. Can we talk about the packaging too? I tend to hate rose gold/copper things (as I've said in my 50 facts ;) because they're just so so overhyped but I can make an exception for both this and the lash sensational, they're just "#aesthetics" (i hate the overuse of this word too) and are too pretty to hate on. My tres cool cousin bought this for me because I was always using hers throughout the summer so she took the hint, she actually ended up getting it cheaper than what it would've been for me here so instead of £19, it was only £14 (yes to saving the cash monies)

Have you tried this mascara before? What mascara do you like using for super volume?

Monday, 2 May 2016

get in my closet...pls

Spring is here, as much as I wish I could celebrate this weather turnover and use it to my advantage- I can't, because exams. Exams ruin everything, even a wonderful season like Spring. So to soften the blow of the reality that I'll be stuck in an exam hall for 5 weeks, I've decided to curate a collection of clothing items that best help me think of the best of the season/clothing I want. I've always despised pastels, something about the sickly, sweet hues just steers me away, and back to my loving home of neutrals but I must say, the muted colours that are out this year are slowly but surely luring me in. Surprisingly, I managed to not include any black item of clothing in this (!!!), I tried to do the same with grey but I couldn't...grey is literally a colour I cannot leave.