We are two weeks into April and only now have I thought of doing a March Favourites post...typical. April is such a weird month for me, it's when you finally realise that 2016 is quickly progressing and spring is on its way (as well as a shit ton of exams) ps sorry for the dark photo

"Beauty" favourites consist of four products: maybelline lash sensational mascara, yves rocher healthy glow mask, maybelline age rewind concealer and this cool organic face cream with neroli oil. Maybelline is just winning with all their products atm, what else can I say. I've started to break out on my forehead *sigh* so their concealer just covers them enough, emphasis on enough because these damn spots do not, and I stress do not want to be covered up. I've given up on covering my dark circles because there's so much to cover so I just embrace the straight-outta-the-dead look, but when I decide not to embrace such a thing this instantly brightens and brings more light to my face. I bought the lash sensational at the beginning of feb and have been using it most days ever since (as well as blogging about it here), I definitely get the hype about this product as it's so so good for the price, I linked my full review earlier so take a look! I have had dry skin for as long as I can remember so when the colder months just pass, my face always looks so deathly and PALE so I've started using this brightening face mask right after exfoliation to help give it that extra push it needs. And it works! it also smells like pomegranate so asides from actually working, it smells like a tropical summer day too. I like to say that moisturised is the new matte so I've been using this all natural + organic moisturiser from a very small, independent french/moroccan brand lately. As I said, it's all natural with no harsh chemicals and it's packed with oils and vitamins which my skins legit slurps up. Sometimes even the heaviest of moisturisers can't keep my face dry-patch free so that's when this comes in, it eliminates them and keeps my face soft and glowy- it is incredibly thick and creamy so a little goes along way, unless you're like me and have the driest of driest and it's basically obligatory you apply a thick layer :)). I tend to use this around twice a day, in the morning and evening, if my skin is feeling extra 'off' then I'll follow with a thin layer of pure organ oil (straight from morocco, don't get ripped off by these brands telling you it's argan oil cos it aint, it's just fragranced olive oil :). Glowy and fresh faced skin is the way to go for me all year round (probs looks strange af in the winter lol) so when I apply this in the morning, I like adding a bit of vaseline to the tops of my cheekbones, brow bone and on my cupids bow and it works a dream- aint no body got time to be whipping out highlight and a fan brush...

I have a few music favourites: Cry baby, Prey and Daddy Issues by The Neighbourhood <3 Jumpan by Drake bby and Needed Me by Riri. I've also been loving a few songs from Melanie Martinez (Pacify Her, Sippy Cup, Alphabet Boy) and Panic! At The Disco (Build God, Then We'll Talk, Girls/Girls/Boys, Emperors New Clothes and Nicotine)

Are you always late to the game like myself -not even a real question but okay- what are your current music favourites?


  1. Better late than never. I haven't tried any of these due to the fact that I'm going through a seriously lazy phase of not bothering with makeup.. or skincare..

    Edie | The Life of Edie

  2. I'm in love with the lash sensational. I love the post Dalal. It's probably really weird but I've been loving a German band called 3A I've been listening to when I've been doing my German work. Katie x

  3. YES THE WHOLE CRYBABY ALBUM IS A JAM plus I neeeed that face mask in my life - my skin is screaming for moisture haha x

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