Here are 50 pointless facts about me:
  1. I hate all white and copper interiors with a passion 
  2. I love modern history 
  3. and biology
  4. I have two GCSEs already
  5. My middle name is Tahira
  6. My room is a tip most of the time
  7. I can never find anything to wear despite the fact I own many basics
  8. My shoe size is 7
  9. OITNB is my favourite show
  10. Well it's the only show I watch, PLL drags on too much
  11. I love Dave Franco
  12. and James Dean
  13. and Brendon Urie
  14. My favourite stores are Zara and Brandy Melville
  15. I'm broke 
  16. My favourite colours are grey, dusty pink and pale blue
  17. I am an activist
  18. I cannot take photos of others to save my life
  19. I can skateboard 
  20. I'm currently learning to ollie lol
  21. I saw Jesy from Little Mix 
  22. and R.S. but the majority of you don't know who that is #rollthafe
  23. I've lived in London all my life
  24. I am genuinely scared for America's future
  25. I'm pro black
  26. no, I'm not racist. pro black doesn't mean anti white
  27. I have friends from all over the UK and a few in the US
  28. I can understand and almost fluently speak French thanks to ma mere
  29. I want to become a polyglot, I'm doing Spanish A level so that's another language in the bag
  30. I'm a pessimist and can't tackle it
  31. I've eaten a whole 15" pizza alone in the space of 15 minutes
  32. My neck is 14.5 cm long
  33. I can run and swim fast
  34. I'm "gifted" at English but don't want to continue it to a higher level, so so boring
  35. People who say things are "so tumblr" piss me off 
  36. I wish I had more time to play the sports I love but GCSEs
  37. Panic! at the disco, the neighbourhood, melanie martinez, drake and big sean make me happy
  38. I can write a whole essay on American/British/German/Russian history in the space of 15 minutes
  39. I don't eat red meat on the bone but I do eat minced red meat (?)
  40. I can code 
  41. I don't like maths or physics
  42. My hair is more high maintenance than I am
  43. I don't know what I want to do at uni, I'm "gifted" in the humanities+english but I'm also not too shabby at biology so I'm just stuck ha
  44. I don't want to go to my school prom 
  45. My lips dry, Vaseline is a must for me 
  46. I'm (trying to) write a book 
  47. I'm the only 'creative' person in my family, everyone else is more logical/maths-y 
  48. bday = 21 August
  49. Turkish and Thai food is wonderful
  50. I can never grow my nails long
Give me one fact about you!

btw ambra has also written this post so go look pls


  1. I've eaten 5 packets of squares today

  2. I love reading posts like this Dalal. I hope things work out with your book that you're writing. And I guess a weird fact about me is I know Pi to 100 decimal places (I'm not normal)
    Katie x

    1. I hope so too + damn, I only know that it's like 3.142 hah

  3. I throroughly enjoyed reading this! I’m actually the opposite, love Physics and hate Bio. Lovely post

    Hannah xx

    1. Thanks, I don't mind physics but I'd much rather do biology ha

  4. Love finding out facts about people - what a lovely post, I hated maths and physics at school as well it just sucked & I couldn't do it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. A fact about me?? My favourite way to waste time is watching Irish dancing videos on Instagram ahah, only thing I could think of just cause i was watching them a second ago. I love the fact that you precisely know yor neck length... Little things like that are what make you so funny Dalal hahah

    1. Nice! Can you Irish dance (out of curiosity) and yeaaahh I do weird things hah

  6. As an American I'm pretty damn scared for our future too... Is your balcony still up for rent? lol Don't even get me started on Drake, Big Sean and Melanie.

    1. I honestly don't blame you and yesss girl I'll clear it out soon...ahh drake <3_<3


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