Monday, 28 March 2016


It has only been the Easter holiday for a few days and I'm already bored of revision. Being the organised young adult I am, I spontaneously messaged a friend asking if she could go out for a coffee (or hot chocolate if you're me) and wonder around Bermondsey. So we did. It's a shame Ambra couldn't come seeing as she's dying from chicken pox right now (soz mate) As I live around 10 minutes away from Bermondsey street, it's a quick little get away, the area is so rustic and is filled to the brim with hipsters. Fuckoffee has been a cafe I've been wanting to try for so so long now, my friend Clare, being a coffee enthusiast was super excited whilst I was just trying to figure out if they had a hot chocolate on the menu because quite frankly, coffee sucks. The place is super duper chill, the vibe is just so quirky and hip (cringe) however it's damn overpriced...£2.40 for a tiny hot chocolate. As the white cube gallery was literally across the road from us we just went in to have a look- it's a minimalists dream. Enjoy the photos! 

Friday, 25 March 2016

masc + curl

In case you were wondering, masc is short for mascara, the word is too long to type. I'm not exactly sure what this post will be but it's slightly heading towards a review type thing so I'll go with that. The Maybelline lash sensational mascara has been a cult favourite since last May but of course I'm late to join the craze. I've grown so accustomed to using my Diorshow iconic that I became adamant that I'd never find another mascara that will do better than it. I was wrong. So so wrong! Especially now as the formula has dried up a little it works amazingly and really helps lift my lashes, I have naturally long lashes but I do like to give that extra length and fluttery, daintiness too. The mascara is very black, unlike those other mascaras that claim to be 'carbon black' or 'dark black' so that's always a one wants ashy, grey lashes. Prior to using the mascara, I also curl my lashes, now this is a fairly new step to routine because I always find it so time consuming (takes around 5 seconds but y'know) I use the Lancome eyelash curler and it really does curl your lashes and give them an extra push, when I cba I usually just curl my lashes and leave them natural. When I do follow up with the lash sensational, it legit looks as if I've got some kind of eyelash extensions, the length and curl is that deeeep. The mascara wand itself has the curved/spoon shape so that definitely helps to lift as well as evenly distribute the formula so you have zero clumps as well as great length + lift. I really don't know what to say other than I highly advise you try this out, it's perhaps the best drugstore mascara I've tried so far!

Do you use the Lash Sensational mascara? What are your thoughts on it?

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

50 facts about me

Here are 50 pointless facts about me:
  1. I hate all white and copper interiors with a passion 
  2. I love modern history 
  3. and biology
  4. I have two GCSEs already
  5. My middle name is Tahira
  6. My room is a tip most of the time
  7. I can never find anything to wear despite the fact I own many basics
  8. My shoe size is 7
  9. OITNB is my favourite show
  10. Well it's the only show I watch, PLL drags on too much
  11. I love Dave Franco
  12. and James Dean
  13. and Brendon Urie
  14. My favourite stores are Zara and Brandy Melville
  15. I'm broke 
  16. My favourite colours are grey, dusty pink and pale blue
  17. I am an activist
  18. I cannot take photos of others to save my life
  19. I can skateboard 
  20. I'm currently learning to ollie lol
  21. I saw Jesy from Little Mix 
  22. and R.S. but the majority of you don't know who that is #rollthafe
  23. I've lived in London all my life
  24. I am genuinely scared for America's future
  25. I'm pro black