Monday, 29 February 2016

Glo Up

Behold, the best glow-getter out there: TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. The pigment in this is 100, you only need a tiny amount to get some real highlighting on. I've had mine since December and have used it quite a lot since then and I've barely made a dent in it, it's definitely going to be lasting me! There's none of that chunky glitter business in this, it's finely milled so it applies nice and smoothly with no clunky + unnatural finish because I ain't about that life. I was quite worried that this wouldn't suit my complexion but was pleasantly surprised to see that the gold-champagne shade gave the most natural looking glow, it looks as if you just came back from a day at the beach...nice and healthy (?). You could of course build this up to get the full on strobed look but as I mentioned before, I ain't about that life so I just tend to take a bit of this on my Real Techniques duo fiber brush and lightly dust it on the tops of my cheekbones, temples and cupids bow. I legit have the worst cupids bow so this brings some more light to it and defines it a little more. No surgery needed (not that I was going to get surgery uhh you get the gist @ambra) But seriously, go and buy this, it's basically a power powder- you can use it as a highlight (duh), eye shadow or as an overall shimmer.

Do you own this product? What's your favourite highlight?

ps- are you seeing this shift in photo quality? (!!!)

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

a book

Quite a vague title but I didn't want to go for the mainstream "book review- everyday by David Levithan" Anyway, I'm doing a book review which is something I don't think I've ever tried blogging about before but here goes. I am an avid reader despite the fact I don't keep it vocal, give me a book and I'll finish it in the space of a day. I don't know, there's just a grounding sense of humility when people read. It shows you that that person is longing for more in life, they want to see more and experience more so the way they do it is by reading and temporarily living through the characters and going through what they go through. Onto the book... primarily I wasn't too keen on reading this, the blurb just made it sound like any other young adult book but it's so much more. The plot is extremely intriguing, as with many other books, I found myself unable to put this down and often stayed up reading until 3am in the morning (but that's okay because that's what half terms are for) A, the protagonist, has a very strange backstory to them. Everyday they wake up in a different body, they're still themselves soul wise but they have to take responsibility over the body they're in that day- trying to disregard their feelings to satisfy the others. A takes over the body of a boy who's in a complex relationship with a girl, who A (or A's soul more like) falls in love with. From there it's a whole different story with people claiming they've been possessed by the devil to A driving hours to meet her. I'm trying my best not to give too much of the synopsis away but it's proving very difficult. There was no real ending to this, well there obviously was but when the book ended I was a bit baffled as to what happens next. It definitely isn't a cliff hanger but I was expecting a bit more information before the book ended y'know? I guess that's the beauty of it, you finish the book and then it's up to you to ponder on the rest of the story. Each persons interpretation is different. As much as I've sung praises about this book I have to say that I hated reading it. Not because the plot or language was bad but because it often left me frustrated as I was almost forced to question almost every single thing in the book. Yet, I continued reading as I drew closer to the end I managed to start recognising the wit Levithan has. He has amazing story telling skills, although the book connected with me on a philosophical level and tended to puzzle me I was still too engrossed to give up. A real mastermind he is.

I feel as if I've spoken too too much about this book so here's a little round up:
good plot
interesting language
deep meanings and symbols throughout that almost force you to think
extremely intriguing, as much as you don't want it to be

Have you read this book?

Saturday, 20 February 2016

90's chick

Let's try and disregard the fact that I was born in 2000, not in the 90's, meaning the title of this post is false. I rediscovered my pair of high top converse a few weeks ago and have started wearing them so so much, they're so classic and timeless (the laces on these are long af tho') They go especially well with these patchwork jeans I always seem to be borrowing off my sister. You can hardly tell whether I'm wearing a top or nah but I promise you it's there...under all that scarf! It has been extremely cold and rainy and grey and dull (and the list goes on) so a coat is an essential, especially this fleece lined parka - long gone are the days of being able to walk out with a nothing but a cardigan. To be truthful those days were gone by the end of September ha. Anyway, you my realise that I'M WEARING LIPSTICK IN THESE PICTURES which is very different for me, I just thought the whole brown lips thing helped add to the whole feel of the outfit. 

Jacket: Zara (similar)
Sweater: Topshop (similar)
Jeans: Zara (similar)
Shoes: Converse
Scarf: Next
Lipstick: MAC Spirit 
What do you think of the 90's trend? Would you ever recreate this outfit?

Sunday, 14 February 2016


♥happy v day♥
Please try to ignore the horrendous quality of these photos, they were taken on my iPhone! The Saatchi gallery has always been my fave place to go because the art there simply isn't boring, I've been to so many other galleries but never really enjoy myself there as much as I do in the Saatchi. Seeing as Ambra is in Barcelona, I had to go alone (struggles when you only have one friend cri) which was quite refreshing. It was more full than I expected it to be though but nevertheless I really liked the pieces on show, the photo with all the pots and pans reminded me of my moroccan/indian family as the majority of them have around 50 pots and treat them like their babies. The weird copper ball thing and thread spool have interesting stories behind them, the artist used a large polystyrene ball and basically "hand wrapped" it with copper string. It took her around 17 days to complete -with breaks of course- and she had to walk a total 181km to cover the whole circumference of it #commitment. You may know of Sigmund Freud, the father of Psychology. His grandson used to suffer from anxiety so to 'calm' him down, Freud would unravel several spools and get him to wrap the thread around them again. I guess Anderson found this quite intriguing and perhaps created such a sculpture to echo that 'tradition' Freud had created... Anyway, I feel as if I'm boring you all so I'll just stop here, one last thing though: if you're in London, go and visit the saatchi asap rocky!

Have you been to the Saatchi gallery recently? What's your favourite piece?

ps- you see that wonderfully whipped cream-ed hot chocolate? yeah I spilt that all over my scarf in the middle of south ken...well done dalal

Saturday, 6 February 2016

What's been on my face

I have a tendency to lie about what I use in posts like this because in all honesty I hardly ever wear makeup and when I do, it's just eye brow gel (and who wants to read a one product makeup routine!) but this time round I'm going to show what I wear if I'm bothered or if I'm going out to take outfit photos etc.
Concealer is a must for me, I usually use the Nars creamy concealer but I recently tried out the Maybelline instant rewind as I was looking for a more cost friendly alternative. I've got to admit the spongey, fluffy ball, roll on applicator is what really drew me towards it but I'm pleasantly surprised at how good this stuff is, especially when used with my Real techniques miracle face sponge- it really does brighten and cover up the worst of under eye circles!
There is never an excuse for me not to do my brows (well actually there is but you get the gist) I hate those fiddly powders, pencils and waxes and just like to stick to a good ol' tinted brow gel. The one I use was such an unexpected gem, it's by MUA and it instantly darkens and holds my brows in place without giving that crispy, dull, artificial look.
If you've been a regular reader (yo) you'd know that the Diorshow Iconic mascara is my all time fave BUT I decided to try out a different mascara from the drugstore which was (drumroll) the Maybelline lash sensational. When I first applied it I was blown away by the power (?) this mascara has, I remember when I tried my cousins one back in the summer and I hated it as the formula was sooo gloopy and thick and it gave me horrendous spider lashes but now I made sure I removed any excess and love love love the results it gives.
 Last is a lip product which was actually something I gifted my mum but she isn't too keen on the shade so I've taken it (oops). It's a MAC lipstick in the shade Spirit which I cannot get enough off! I always feel super chic and "90s" when wearing this (you might see it in my next post ;)) and it's just genuinely such a nice brown-nude colour. However, I don't always wear lipstick because that ish is too high maintenance so I usually just put on a lip balm only.

products mentioned-
brow gel
lip stick
face sponge

what makeup products have you been wearing lately?

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