Monday, 25 January 2016

OOTD | Uniform

I look so done with life here
No this isn't my actual school/work uniform in case you were wondering, it's just an outfit that I happen wear for the whole weekend basically. Classy, I know. Before I start talking about what I'm wearing I'm just going to apologise for the shabby lighting in this, Ambra and I were meant to take photos but we just procrastinated for 2 hours and before we knew it, the sun's setting. Soz. I've been wearing these jeans non-stop ever since I got them in the Zara sale for £14 (!!!), they're the perfect wash and fit. Brandy Melville always manages to make the softest things ever, I bought this grey fine knit sweater in their Garage Sale for around £8- it's a great staple piece. I've kinda feautured this coat in my last outfit post (back in october whooops) it's super warm and goes with everything, I really like the masculinity in it as it's quite structured/tailored. In case you didn't know I am obsessed with blanket scarves, like I will never leave the house without one, I must have at least five of them. This one is the newest addition to my ever growing collection, this time from Next instead of Zara for only £8 in the sale. Last are my New Balances which have been practically glued to my feet ever since I bought them, they're just so comfy and so damn versatile that I can't not wear them all the time.

Coat- Zara (similar)
Jeans- Zara
Top- Brandy Melville  
Trainers- New Balance 373
Scarf- Next
What's your "uniform"?


Friday, 15 January 2016

Top Three Perfumes

Perfume has always been something I've loved growing up, my mum had a lot of Chanel and Lancome perfumes perfectly lined up in the bathroom, I'd always try and sneak in a spritz when she wasn't around only to be busted when she catches the scent on me. I just love how timeless and attractive wearing an expensive perfume can be- if that makes any just makes me feel much more put together so as a result I have got quite a collection going on. My perfume type doesn't differ much to my mums, I'm not into overly sweet fruity scents and prefer more light, floral ones that I can wear all year round. I tend to spray perfume on the scarf I'm wearing that day (I do love my scarves!) and behind my ears so whenever I hug someone they'll smell it! I am no perfume expert so the descriptions I'll be give are probably as vague as can be, I'll try and see if there's anything online!

Prada Candy L'eau: Described as a sweet, feminine scent with top notes of caramel and citrus fruits, this is one of my favourite perfumes to wear if I want something quite delicate and not too overpowering. Not only does it smell lovely, it has a mature, elegant bottle too which looks incredibly pretty sitting on my marble window sill #aestheticgoals. 

Giogio Armani Si Intense: I've had my eye on this for over a year now, every time I'd go into a department store I spray myself all over with this. You're probably thinking why didn't I buy it if I loved it so much, the answer is because it is  so so soooo expensive! As my dad was returning from holiday I asked him to buy it from the Duty Free and he did, however they only had the Intense version- I'm not complaining though as I love stronger scents that linger all day. It's such a modern and classy scent with top notes of cassis (blackcurrant), rose and vanilla- it's not too strong but it really does stay put for the whole day. 

Gucci Flora: The perfect winter scent, it's long lasting (a must) and is once again, very feminine, I always receive compliments when I wear this. It's quite a fresh, floral scent which can be worn daily making it my everyday scent, I love how it softens as the day go by and layers of different smells are revealed. Top notes include peony, mandarin orange and rose whilst base notes include patchouli and sandalwood making it an elegant scent which is still appropriate for everyday wear. 
What is your signature scent? 


Monday, 11 January 2016

Recent Pins #2

Exam stress and wet winter weather means that pinterest has become a place for me to de-stress and relax, searching through beautiful street style photos and makeup looks is waayyyyy better than therapy!
...and there you have it, a collection of what I've been doing for the past few weeks in pictures (sad, sad life) 

What have you been pinning recently?