If you're thinking 'wtf is that on her head', before you judge, it's a sahara head wrap because my hair looked a mess.
I've been trying to make myself sound less cocky and self centered throughout this post but it's just impossible- this tag is literally telling me to list things I like about myself. This tag is all about spreading awareness and although I don't want to start of into those 'Love yourself because you're amazing' speeches, I understand that they are pretty fundamental in order to spread self love but they're also awfully boring and cliche so this tag is here to skip the lecture,

- Write 13 things you love about yourself, no need to worry about being arrogant.
- Nominate 13 other bloggers.
- Share with the hashtag #selflovechallenge13

13 things I like-

  1. I like that my legs are long and lean, competitive swimming really does pay off!
  2. I like that my hair is not stick straight and instead is curly/wavy.
  3. I like that I am always tanned all year round and even in the winter I only get a little lighter.
  4. I like my dedication to my blog, I prioritised getting my Garnier Micellar water review up over getting food (I hadn't eaten for the whole day!) 
  5. I like my hair colour, some curls are a light honey brown.
  6. I like how my hair colour changes depending on whether it is straightened or worn curly.
  7. I like my academics and how I work hard to achieve my grades.
  8. I like that I am caring and will never leave anyone without help, no matter what they've done to me. A big sister figure, if you'd like to call it that.
  9. I like that I have a "model" figure- I'm quite tall and slim and although 'curvy' is the new rage I still love my body type. 
  10. I like love my smile.
  11. I like my fashion sense, it's very effortless and light.
  12. I like that I have a hidden dimple on my right cheek, not many people see it but when they do they're like 'woah' 
  13. I like that I articulate well and speak with vocabulary that's above my age. 
Ellie: http://tottoxxx.blogspot.com/
Marianne: http://life-with-marianne.blogspot.com/

What is one thing you like about yourself? Even if I haven't tagged you, feel free to do this!


  1. What a lovely tag - its nice to see self love!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

  2. This is a lovely tag Dalal! Thanks for tagging me, I will definitely get right on it!


    1. Thank you, I can't wait to read yours- I usually hate doing tags as I find that they're too basic but I like this one lots!
      Dalal x

  3. ah this is a lovely post - I think it's really important to appreciate yourself sometimes - people put themselves down so much so often, and it's really nice seeing a post like this! very well written too xx

    1. Thank you Esme, I agree- it's so sad seeing people feel bad about themselves so why not say what we like about ourselves instead! I'd love to see your post :)
      Dalal x

  4. I think its so important to spread the message of loving yourself! x Thank you for tagging me, I am just about to write my post now! xx


    1. It really is, you're welcome- I can't wait to see your post!
      Dalal x

  5. I'm so glad you uploaded the post I tagged you in :) I also love your articulate vocabulary "piff ting and dat" ahahahah

  6. I love this tag so much that I am so tempted to do it, butttttt I actually can’t think of 13 things I love about my self. But i’ll hopefully try! Other than that, great post, I learnt a lot about you x

    Ambra x fridaysarefab.blogspot.com

    1. Yay, you really have to do it- it's got such a lovely message behind it! Of course you'll be able to find 13+ things you like about yourself!!!

  7. Lovely post Dalal! I think self love is so important xx

  8. This tag is so lovely I need to jump on the train xx Terica


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