Saturday, 26 September 2015

OOTD | Bright eyes, blue denim

One thing I was dreading about summer ending was the fact that I wouldn't be able to wear this denim skirt anymore, it sounds ridiculous- I know but the denim a-line skirt has seriously earned a proud spot in my heart. As it is late September the spontaneous part of me was like "It's still warm: wear the skirt, wear the skirt, wear the skirt!" so I did. It was around 17 degrees so that probably explains why my legs didn't freeze off although I did get the occasional spells of goosebumps. I feel like this post is going to dwindle into me talking about this skirt (which is from Zara by the way) and nothing else. Contradicting the short, light skirt I wore a grey, ribbed turtle neck purchased from New Look last year and made sure my tiny necklace poked through because why not? My mum, being the typical mum she is, insisted that I wear a jacket claiming it's too cold outside to go out without one so I just hurriedly threw on a plain black North Face jacket and if I'm honest I quite like how it just relaxed and loosened the overall structure of the outfit. The Doc Martens 1461's are a staple for me whether it be for school or for going out like this, they're very laid back and just fit well with everything worn with them.

What clothing item do you wish you could wear all year round?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Where I'm Based

I've decided to call this post 'where I'm based' rather than 'where I live' as it does sound a little stalkerish etc. I live fairly close to London Bridge meaning I have lots of landmarks and peaceful places to visit if I ever want to; as my cousin (the 'photographer' cousin as I like to call her) has come to visit London, we just went around Borough market, the Shard and Southbank so here are some photos- some taken by me and some taken by her!
 These photos are all of Borough Market, as much as I love the atmosphere there some things are just bloody expensive! We had salted caramel biscuits which were £2 each, of course I had sky high limits for this due to the fact it was all organic but to be honest it just tasted bland *cries* so those pennies were not so well spent. Oh well, the actual market stalls were tres photogenique as my cousin would say so it was worth it.
Next we crossed over London Bridge in the absolute pouring rain, 'raining cats and dogs' is a serious understatement- I mean my light wash jeans got so drenched they turned dark wash! We had a look around the very little stores there and spent most our time trying to find a way to get a shot of the monument without having to do any unusual positions- we failed though but we will be going back for another try! 
 Walk down from the monument a little and there's this tiny little outdoor seating area with a few cafes and pubs around. I don't know why I took photos but I just liked how it looked- don't judge. Oh and I also got very queer looks from the people in this photo!
 After walking down a little, we went down to the Fishmongers Warf where it's super quiet and peaceful- there's hardly anyone there as most people are on the other side, admiring the Tower Bridge etc. There's a lovely view from here, especially in the evening when all the buildings turn on their lights- including London Bridge. It got dark so quickly though so it had finally hit me that summer was well and truly gone...well I should have realised that earlier seeing as I was bundled up in a sweater, coat and scarf ha.
It was around 8pm at the point these photos were taken so we hurried home as I had to do some last minute revision for some biology mid terms the next day. Had to take a photo of the iconic Tower Bridge by night along with the Thames- it all looked so picturesque with all the lights! This florist is in the middle of London Bridge tube station and it's just such a nice difference to the concrete jungle surrounding us.

Where are your favourite places in your city/town?

Sunday, 20 September 2015

OOTD | Off Duty

LFW is happening right now and I can't feel anymore depressed due to the fact that I'm broke and have no money for tickets *help* I do think I'll go and hang around Somerset House aka the hub of lfw and just soak in the atmosphere there, as sad as it sounds. Anyway, just an effortless outfit for today, as per usual-

Jeans-Hollister (similar)

What is your 'off duty' outfit?

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Lush Oxford Street

I'd never visited the Lush in Oxford Street which is pretty bad seeing as I live around 20 minutes from it so I don't really have a good enough excuse, but at least I managed to go there eventually! I have to say the store was quite overwhelming with products all around you, hundreds of different (good!) smells wafting about and a lot of sales assistants greeting you. I do prefer the sales assistants there than in Zara- they're just so moody there! Anyway, I managed to take a couple photos in the store despite the fact it was 8pm and was pretty much dark outside- I bought two (exciting) things from there which'll be featured in a haul soon! Oh and just a side not- The Comforter shower cream smells heavenly, I mean I could sniff it for the whole day but the hefty price tag isn't as nice :(

Have you been to the Lush in Oxford St? 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Guest Post | 5 Everyday Essentials

If you read my '10 blogs to bookmark' post, you'd recognise Lucy's blog, Forever September ,who I'm delighted to be guest posting with! She's a super sweet girl, and has a stunning blog, so I urge you to give her blog a read. 

There are certain products that I use everyday without a fail- my staple items. These are five items I use on a very regular if not daily basis!

01. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
This is my holy grail concealer, one of the best drugstore concealers. I mostly use this under my eyes as its brightening as well as great at covering those dark circles. Its not too bad for covering blemishes either; I just prefer to use this as as under eye concealer. Definitely try this out if you haven't already!

02. Soap & Glory Solar Powder
A hyped about product in the blogosphere but I totally understand why. It is the perfect cool bronze shade for my skintone and works really well for a natural but still glowy look. I use a big fluffy brush with this and sweep it across the tops of my cheek bones for a nice bronzed glow.

03. Maybelline Brow Drama
Where would I be without this product?! The best brow gel on the market in my opinion, It doesn't leave your brows feeling crispy or stiff like some brow gels tend to do, It gives such a natural look to the brow that majority of the time I just use this instead of filling in my brows because it does such a great job!

04. L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim
Admittedly I don't use eyeliner on a daily basis but when I do, this is what I reach for. If you're not very good with eyeliner (like me) or are just starting out, this is the one for you. It has a super fine tip so you don't get that really thick line first time. It gives you the control to make your eyeliner as bold or as natural as you like, which I really love. It stays put all day and isn't a complete nightmare to get off!

05. Benefit Roller Lash
Finally, probably the best for last. My one true mascara love haha, Benefit Roller Lash. This is such an amazing mascara that really lengthens your lashes. It holds a curl beautifully all day long and the thing I love most about it, is it doesn't run or smudge easily at all. I don't end up with panda eyes by the end of the day or anything like that; but it still comes off easily! Definitely one to check out if you're looking for a really great mascara.

Have you tried any of these products out?

Lucy x

Friday, 11 September 2015

3 fab face fixes

Summer tends to take a toll on your skin due to the constant exposure you're being faced with, from the sun and sea salt which can make skin feel tight, dry and tres uncomfortable as I learnt from personal experience. These three products have been a dream in terms of nursing my skin back to health and balancing it so it's not ridiculously dry nor horrifyingly oily. I will be doing a skin care rotation when Autumn is in full swing as thicker and richer creams are what I opt for as opposed to the products shown which are much lighter.
Walking into pharmacies in Morocco is as if you've just been whisked away to the skincare aisle in a Sephora in France- it's just chock full of French skincare products! Of course I took advantage of the exchange rates and bought the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel (long name!) This cleanser not only gently cleans and purifies the face to remove any excess sebum but also soothes and soften without any irritation whatsoever. It's perfect for all skin types as it's gentle enough to cater for all however as the name suggests, it's best suited for oily to combination skin types.
Whilst I was browsing the LRP section of course I had to pick up the iconic Effaclar Duo after hearing countless reviews and adverts about how damn good this stuff is at unclogging pores, controlling oil and battling blemishes/spots. I swear by this stuff, I'm not the one to get breakouts and have never had acne (touch wood) but I do have a few 'thin' spots on my forehead along with some clogged up pores however after my second or third application of this they're all gone. Like poof! I swear it's some kind of magic, well probably the ceramides in it but for the sake of the child in me I'll just continue to claim it's magic.
Lastly is a moisturiser that I have recently finished *cries* but one I'll definitely be repurchasing too. Clinique Moisture Surge has a light, whipped gel formula which is absorbed quickly to hydrate parched skin, it doesn't sit uncomfortably on a sticky film layer over. After purchasing a few things from the Clinique in Duty Free, I was gifted a set of minis and was extremely enthusiastic about this product as I'm chuffed that this product is as good as I expected- I've had so many product let downs so this was my third (or maybe more) time lucky.

What products do you reach out for when you're skin is having a little 'crisis' ?

Monday, 7 September 2015

Exploring Rabat

I love photos. Especially when photos are being taken of me, there's something about photographs that I just love. My cousin, on the other hand, is the complete opposite, she squirms as soon as a lens is pointed towards her but her heart is content when she's busy snapping away at others. We're opposites but work well together- like yin and yang. We decided to take the train to Rabat and just aimlessly wonder around the city, until we found ourselves in a series of blue and white streets called 'Les Oudayas'. I was seriously fascinated by everything there; every corner, every street you turned to there was a different surprise- whether it be a half blind cat or an old man playing music. Of course we decided to take a couple ahem lot of photos and although I've managed to narrow them down, this post is still picture heavy. 
Comfort is key when you're planning on venturing out and exploring a whole city and although I had a very poor choice of footwear, I just couldn't find my trusty slip ons. My whole outfit is from Zara, the top I bought back in the summer sales and the trousers are actually from the Zara Kids section- I always think that the kids clothes in Zara are much nicer than the adult ones! Sandals are a very old pair (2/3 years I think!) from Dune, there are a lot of stores that have similar styles to these.

Thank you soo much to my cousin for taking these photos, she's an amazing photographer with many other stunning pieces- I think she does have an online portfolio which I actually don't know at the moment but when I find out I'll link it here. 

What do you think of this place? Would you visit if you got the chance?