Monday, 31 August 2015

Recent Pins

Pinterest has been my haven for the last few weeks, whenever I find a smidgen of wifi I go into the realms of pinterest and just scroll and pin, scroll and pin until I'm satisfied. Living life on the edge, ey! I am a huge fan of autumn, although I hate the cold that comes with it, I am able to overlook that because the fashion is just plain lovely. So that's why you'll probably be seeing lots of A/W fashion pins on here, hope you don't mind. Whilst we're at it, there's a quite a lot of photos- hope you don't mind again. Oh and the fact that these photos are all different sizes will forever haunt me, I'm sorry!

Do you use Pinterest, which is your favourite photo I've shown?

Saturday, 29 August 2015

10 blogs to bookmark

Beware, this post is going to be full of love! Having a blog can put you in a vulnerable position on the internet as anyone could get to you and potentially cyber bully you but from personal experience my internet experience has been amazing. From getting comments on posts saying how much they love my style to a tweet asking me how I am, all of these things really do make me feel acknowledged to be in such a caring community. I love sharing the love so here are ten blogs that I always go to, some I've been reading for almost a year whilst others I've only just discovered the past few days. Just before I start I'd like to say that these are in no order!

The Life of Edie-  Her simplistic writing and photos are to. die. for. and I always tell her that either in her post comments or through the kik chats we have. She posts consistently which is just as well as I'm always updating her blog, hoping to see a new post! Not only is she an amazing blogger, she's also an amazing and thoughtful friend with a great sense of humour (vint ;)) When you read her posts it's as if you are having a general chat with her as it's so free flowing and effortless. Definitely check out her fashion and beauty posts!

Carrie Brighton-  Detailed blog posts are a must and Carrie does just that. Her photos are bright and very easy on the eyes, I could stare at them for days! Not only that, her blog in general is a colourful bundle of fun that I could read for days with content that is generally interesting, I do tend to get rather bored of beauty posts however she manages to make them a little more intriguing! 

Katie Lou-  A new blog I've just discovered written by 16 year old Katie, she mixes beauty and lifestyle together so you have two different genres to read. She comes through as a very thoughtful and caring girl and as she shares the same hobbies as me, it's very easy to connect with her. Her photos are stunning and she manages to balance photos out with writing so nothing is too picture or text heavy. 

Rose Glow-  First of all, we share the same template so whoo! Secondly, I am urging to go and read her 'DIY: What I Made Monday' post because it's so creative and I would have never thought of it before- I must try it! Anyway, Alice has such a lovely blog that I like to call 'friendly' as anyone who stumbles across it will find something they like from DIY's to beauty reviews to hauls. She also has the cutest tuxedo kitten called April, if I haven't convinced you by now then I don't know what will!

Forever September- Lucy does unique beauty posts which I thoroughly enjoy, she uses both drugstore and high end products and her photos are breathtakingly stunning- marble, cacti and pretty makeup put together are a beautiful sight! I like her 'Sunday Chatter' posts which are like a diary entry so they're quite interesting to read as she tells us what she's done throughout the week and her thoughts and feelings.

The Sunday Girl TSG offers detailed reviews as she tests each different product for certain amounts of time before giving her honest thoughts on her blog. Not only does she stick to traditional beauty posts like 'Back to school budget makeup' she also does some different ones like her 'A peek inside a teenagers makeup bag' post where she showed the contents of her little sisters cosmetic bag. I also like how her post titles more creative.
Angelina Is-  Let me tell you one thing, Angelina has white hair, yes white hair- it's awesome. If you want a random blog to read then head over right now because she writes about everything, from her trips around California to showcasing her top notch photography skills. She also writes about issues that need to be addressed like her catcalling experience which, if you're reading this now Angelina, was horrible yet eye opening.

Josie's Journal-  Josie originally started her blog of to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, which is an illness she suffers from. Her outfit posts are very simple and not too over complicated, she uploads the photo and says what she is wearing and her favourite piece- easy. She also does pretty good beauty reviews and only reviews things that she actually likes, her lifestyle posts are fun to read, I mean who goes to watch Mean Girls on a boat. a freaking boat.
Temporary : Secretary-  Probably one of my favourite beauty bloggers, she does such great reviews- no wonder she has many brands working with her and was featured on Look Magazine! She also has really good taste in homeware/furniture as shown in her 'Home Inspiration' post- I need that jammy dodger cushion! Not only does she excel in beauty, she also has pretty good fashion sense and is very helpful when it comes to her 'how to style...' posts. She works for Soap & cool!

The Lovecats Inc-  Best fashion blogger me thinks! She invests in basic, high quality pieces that she knows will go together so she always looks effortlessly chic- even in a grey tee and black jeans. Although she is a self confessed lover of black and white clothing she still manages to inject a little colour on her blog through her nail varnish picks. Helen often holds generous giveaways like her latest one which is a Barbour jacket worth £250, you should definitely go and enter.

I just thought I'd add this extra one in as I know she'll get upset and probably log into my account and add herself into this list so...
Fridays are Fab-  One of my best friends IRL, I actually encouraged her to start a blog and I'm glad she has as her fashion posts give me life. Her beauty posts are equally as good as she's the most relateable to most teenagers in terms of what she likes/wears as most older bbloggers tend to have more heavier routines. Her 'How to clean your makeup brushes' post is exceptionally helpful as when I received my first set of RT brushes and got them dirty, I had no idea how to clean them! She is also a great photographer, all my outfit posts on my blog were shot by her.

What are your favourite blogs?

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Skincare Saviour | Garnier micellar water

Perfect for those lazy days when you just can't be bothered!
Micellar water is a product that has really taken off; the original micellar water by French skincare brand, Bioderma is extremely popular however it is a little pricey so many other skincare brands like Simple, Garnier and L’Oreal have started to offer a micellar water of their own. I love micellar water, there’s nothing better than having extra time in bed and this skincare super hero allows that to happen rather than having you slave away doing the lengthy rituals of cleansing, toning and moisturising. The Garnier micellar water in particular has been a gem- it does everything you want- removes makeup with ease, cleans your face and even acts as a moisturiser if you massage in the extra water. It doesn’t leave that strange, sticky residue on your skin which I’ve had with previous micellar waters I’ve tried. 
You’re probably thinking to yourself, does this even remove waterproof makeup? Yes! Hours  Minutes of rubbing your eyes to remove that pesky 24hr stay eye shadow- I’m looking at you, Maybelline colour tattoo- are long gone. You know those lip stains that claim to stay on for the whole day and night, they are amazing throughout the day when you’re eating and chatting away but when you come home and all you want is a clean face these lip stains can become the devil in disguise. Literally, they do not budge for anything. However, one swipe of micellar water on a cotton pad and it’s gone forever, leaving its nasty self imprinted on the pad. God I sound dramatic. As this is tailored for combination and sensitive skin, I thought it’d be much better than the original as I can get a little oily during the summer; it comes in a 400ml bottle with green text and cap as opposed to the original which has a pink cap etc. It does dry out my face a little but the good thing is that I can just massage the excess into my skin and that’s moisturising enough however if you have oily skin then this will be a dream to work with.  As you can probably tell, I only have songs of praise for this product and the fact that I got it in offer in Boots for only £3 instead of five just fuels my love for it even more!

Have you tried this micellar water yet?

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Summer Confidence

If you (like me) are going on holiday this summer then you'll most likely be confronted with a pool or beach setting which isn't necessarily bad but it can be a little daunting to some. The fact that we will have to wear bikinis and more revealing clothing in order to beat the heat is a scary thought to those who lack confidence, I know the feelings of fear, anxiousness and insecurity that comes with wearing a swimming costume. I believe that your whole holiday shouldn't be ruined by non-existent thoughts in your head telling you what you can and can't do so here are a few tips on getting the best out of summer and not giving into those negative, self destructive thoughts!

Fake it 'till you make it-
If you don't feel happy about yourself then just pretend you are! Act like you are something so you's simple yet effective and tricks your mind into obtaining a more positive mindset. There are so many psychological articles written about the science of this if you're interested.

Perfect your posture- 
Standing up straight can not only add inches to your height but also make you appear more slimmer, so if you're slouching at the beach then remember to straighten up! Keep your shoulders back, stomach tensed and chin up for a bold and confident stance.

Sourire. Sonrier. Smile. I just wrote it in three languages so you know how darn important it is to smile- it kind of goes under the 'fake it till you make it' scenario. Smiling radiates positivity and helps practice your confidence skills. You'll also appear more approachable which can help make new friends etc!

Wear a bikini that fits-
Sounds stupid but if you're busty then wearing a strapless bikini isn't the most appropriate choice; you'll constantly be pulling it up and you'll get increasingly self conscious that something is showing. Make sure to buy a bikini that fits your body shape and you feel confident in wearing. Moral of the story buy a bikini that actually fits you!

Stop comparing yourself to others-
Yes, Becky may have 6 pack abs and yes, Jessica could have an amazing bum but you're not Becky nor Jessica so there's no point in comparing yourself to them. You could probably list endless insecurities you have but that wont make you better- if you don't like something then work with it, don't complain about it!

How do you stay confident during the summer?
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