Tuesday, 28 July 2015

NOTW | Orly Sweet Dreams

I've never had acrylic nails before mainly because of the fear of them ripping my natural nails off and the fact that my school doesn't even allow light pink nail polish, let alone these talons. One day before I went on holiday (I'm in Morocco now) I decided to take the plunge and finally get my nails done, along with Ambra. The process wasn't too lengthy, around an hour each, including chit chat with the nail artist so it's quite quick. I decided to keep it simple and chose this mauve/taupe colour with lilac shimmer running through by Orly in the shade 'Sweet Dreams'. I prefer more muted, neutral colours, although it's summer, as they look more sophisticated and aren't too out there. The formula of this nail polish is amazing- it was opaque with one coat but to ensure full coverage we done two, it was super shiny even without a topcoat and it has lasted 5 days with no chipping at all!

Have you ever gotten acrylics?

Thursday, 23 July 2015

OOTD | Black to basics

Warmer, brighter days have finally arrived, which means two things 1) time to get those legs out and 2) more outfit freedom of clothing. Of course I stuck to my usual traits and somehow still managed to wear black and white despite the fact that it's summer and that I should be wearing more colours to reflect the weather but hey ho. 
Skorts are something I normally wouldn't go for but last year when I was frantically looking for something to use my Topshop gift card on before it expired, this stood out to me as it wasn't ridiculously asymmetrical and was black so it didn't look as wacky as other skorts. After buying it I just sorta hid it at the back of my cupboard, hoping not to encounter it again but now one year later I'm loving it and its tailored self! Paired with a floaty white lace cami I picked up Zara sale this creates an effortlessly chic outfit that is suitable for both day and evening wear. I'm wearing a pair of black suede loafers with a gold chain from Zara which have that 'clicky' noise that you usually get with heels so whenever I walk in these I always feel 10x sassier than I actually am. I did check the forecast the night before so when I saw that it'd be both sunny and cloudy (well done Britain) I decided to bring a coat with me which in this case is my navy jersey and bomber jacket from Zara. 

Here are some additional photos-
Skort- Topshop
Cami- Zara 
Jacket- Zara

Do you like skorts?
Photos- Ambra

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Skin saviour | Lush Mask of Magnaminty

The LUSH Mask of Magnaminty is my go-to face mask!
Behold the superhero product for my skin, the Lush Mask of Magnaminty. I bought this mask back in May and have been using it religiously every week, as it is self preserving it means I can use it for as long as I want without having to worry about it losing its freshness. This is the type of mask you can apply all over your face or just to those pesky spots that decide to make an appearance, it is said to help fight any spots and prevent any breakouts so this is great for all skin types whether you have acne or are like me and just get the odd (unwelcome) spot. It has a moussey texture and also smells really nice- it's earthy and minty and kind of reminds me of mint choc chip ice cream, making the mask feel very refreshing on the skin. LUSH mask of magnminty is a creamy, textured masks as it contains ground aduki beans  evening primrose seeds which help exfoliate the skin and reduce any redness; the mask also contains peppermint oil, honey, Kaolin clay and bentonite gel which all help to draw the dirt and grime away from your pores and stimulate the blood cells under your skin to leave it looking bright and glowing.
Sometimes when I've used a product I have to moisturise afterwards otherwise my skin'll feel dry and tight for the rest of the day however I find that it's not necessary with this which shows how gentle and hydrating this mask is on the skin. Ever since I started using this product I've had less hormonal breakouts and it's even helped fade any scars I had from before so it's killing two birds with one stone. Not only that, I've noticed that it's minimised the appearance of pores around my nose which is such a relief! I usually keep this on for around half an hour and then remove it with a flannel as it helps to add more to the exfoliation and really ensure that your skin is smooth. 
All in all this is an amazing mask and is suitable for every skin type, it's great to help refresh your skin and help brighten up your face a little more. 
Buy LUSH mask of magnaminty here

Have you tried Lush Mask of Mag before? 
PS- I'm starting the 'skin saviour' series on my blog, I'll be showing you some of my favourite skin care products. 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Battle of the BB creams

I know, the title of this post makes it sound as if it's a Hunger Games for cosmetics, which it sort of is. As we're dealing with hotter, sunnier and sticker weather it's much harder to pile on the foundation as it'll probably be sliding around your face so BB creams are a much lighter option. Here I've complied three of my favourite BB creams and hopefully by the end you would have decided on what BB cream is best for you!
Rimmel BB cream radiance-Seeing as the more highlighted and glowy look is the makeup craze at the moment, this BB cream really appealed to me as it's said to not only brighten the skin but prime, smooth, conceal, moisturise and minimise the apperance of pores. This BB cream is full of shea butter to moisturise and vitamin C complex to brighten the skin so there aren't any harsh chemicals in there that could be drying out your skin. As the texture of this is amazing as it's super creamy, easy to blend and has quite high coverage for a BB cream! It claims to do 9 things in 1 which are to prime, smooth, conceal, minimise pores, provide a natural finish, moisturise, awaken dull skin, brighten and give a radiant, dewy finish to the skin. I don't really use primers so I can't exactly judge whether it'll be better with a primer or not however it does smooth and conceal your skin, giving it a soft and flawless finish which isn't too air brushed and fake. It didn't last for the longest time but I wouldn't expect that from a more dewier base however to prolong the staying power, lightly dust some translucent powder. Overall this is ranked second!
Maybelline dream fresh BB cream-
Maybelline have got to be my favourite drugstore makeup brand so when I picked up the Dream Fresh BB cream I had high expectations of it's 8-in-1 properties. It did live up to the majority of them which were to smooth, even out and conceal any discoloured areas on my skin as well as be a lightweight base however the formula isn't the best- it's far too runny and wet although that does help it blend into the skin really easily. The product itself is quite sheer so it is quite flexible, you could easily build it up for some more coverage around spots and any hyper pigmentation or use one application for a more quick but toned look. As it has an SPF of 30, it's the most sensible base to wear on a sunny day so you don't have to worry about applying a sun cream beneath it. I find that if I don't set this with a translucent powder, it's a little too dewy for my liking and almost makes you look like you've been sweating so as a result, I don't think this is the best option if you have oily skin. This is ranked third!
Garnier miracle skin perfector-
I usually see Garnier as a skincare brand so when my mum bought the BB cream, it was a bit of a surprise! Of course I went to the Internet for some reviews to see what others thought of it but there weren't many so I was left even more unsure on this product. I still decided to try it and as soon as I did all my doubts were magically erased(dramatic much?) The lightly whipped mousse consistency helps to make your skin look more naturally radiant, even and smooth as well as contains hyaluronic acid which is said to be a great moisturising agent. This products contains an SPF of 15 so not only does it beautify your skin, it protects it too. Although it doesn't coneal a dark circles it does a heck of a good job at blurring any blemishes and spots to give you more healthy and glowy looking skin. It blends like a dream, leaving no harsh streaks behind unlike the Maybelline BB cream making this my favourite BB cream of all three.

What is your favourite BB cream?

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

10 Things I Want To Do More Of

I'd just like to start the post by saying thank you for all the amazing feedback I got on my previous post- it's nice to know the hard work did pay off and I'll definitely be doing more fashion posts in the future. So this post is one I discovered a few months back and have been wanting to remake it ever since and as I am trying to involve more lifestyle posts on my blog I thought this would be the perfect chance to ease me into the #lbloggers community and help to rekindle my motivation to do things.

1. Smile more-
 As you may know I have quite a big smile and it's said to be one of my best features so there's nothing wrong in flaunting it and boosting mine and others moods whilst doing so! Remember a smile is a girls best cosmetic.

2. Try bigger breakfasts-
 Sometimes out of sheer laziness I tend to skip breakfast which is such a horrible choice but I've started getting back into it and even ditching the overly sweetened cereals for greek yogurt and fruits. I've got a post on two healthy breakfast ideas if you -like me- are trying to get into the breakfast habit. 

3. Drink more water-
 This is a very typical one for many people to say but as it's getting warmer, drinking water is crucial to keep your brain hydrated, plus there are many advantages of it. I'm the type to get bored of a certain taste so I've been looking up some detox water recipes up on Pinterest so I'll be trying a whole load of them out soon.

4. Become more organised-
 Once again the niggling note that hides in the back of everyone's mind. Although the academic year is coming to a close I still have a Spanish speaking exam in which I have to memorise five paragraphs so being able to handle my time and still be able to go out is a must.

5. Go outside more- 
Most of my time is spent indoors, due to my introverted self, but as the weather's warming up there's no excuse. I went out to take some photos with Ambra on Sunday and just explore which helped put my mind at ease. Even just going to a garden can help change scene.

6. Read more-
 When I was younger I was an extremely avid reader and would read a book a day or more however as I grew up I just stopped (the internet has taken over my life!), I read some books maybe twice a month which is still not good enough. The last book I read was Ketchup Clouds which was really good but I'd like to read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov next.

7. Get active- 
Whether it's running or doing a fun dance class at the gym I'm signed into, life as a student can be so much more stressful than people think, so doing something I enjoy at least once a week can really help get you into the right mindset! Exercise releases endorphin's (the 'happy' chemical) so you'll be feeling more optimistic too. 

8. Travel more- 
I'm aware that I'm still a student -a very young one- but I love to travel, the feeling of being in the airport really gets you excited for the country you're going too. Some places I'd like to go are Venice, Rothenburg, Amsterdam and Stockholm! I'm aware that all these cities are in Europe but I think it'll be nice and relatively cheap to travel to these places.

9. Bake-
 I'm horrible when it comes to any form of cooking, in fact I nearly burnt the house down when I was frying chips because I was wearing too much perfume... Anyway, I'd love to start baking weekly or fortnightly because not only is it fun to do but you get something to eat at the end of it. I've started getting into Pinterest even more now (I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad things) and have so many recipes I'd like to try.

10. Get to know more bloggers- 
I've already made some great friends through the secret blogger project and have also started to join into more Twitter blog chats which I've been loving. I think making friends with those who also blog can be really fun as they understand you more and are able to sympathise when the lighting isn't on your side :)

What's something you would like to do more of and why?

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Summer outfit inspiration

As a result of the weather being absolutely heavenly, Ambra and I decided to put together a few outfits and use them for a look book (make sure you look at her outfits and judge my photography skills)! We initially took photos for three outfits but on one of our outfits the lighting went a little haywire so we've only got two outfits to show but don't worry, we'll have many more OOTDs coming up. We took all these photos in places that were only five minutes away from our house and I never realised how stunning they actually were and as well as that we met Essie Buttons friend Lucy from Bonjour Luce whilst she was walking Reggie; she's amazingly nice and we managed to have some small talk about blogging and the weather (as you do) as well as play with Reggie (who is really adorable).

First outfit has a more laidback, scruffy but still put together vibe. I felt like those cute skater girls, even though I can't even balance on a skateboard properly but you get the gist, I wore a white ribbed crop top from Topshop and I love how well fitted this is and how it is fully opaque so you can't see your bra as you normally would with other white tops. My most worn pair of jeans have got to be my "black" joni jeans from Topshop, they're very comfy and are incredibly versatile however they do fade after being washed a couple times. As a cover up I decided to throw on a light blue chambray shirt by, you guessed it, Topshop as it's so simple, lightweight and easy to style making it perfect for the summer. Last are a pair of shoes that I have worn to death, my Vans slip ons, these are very comfy and once again are so easy to wear with anything- both daytime and nightime. I feel like these are the type of item that get better with age, a bit like wine, they seem much more "you" when they've been broken in and have some ownage showing.

This outfit is more formal than the other one but you could dress it down by replacing the shirt with a loose cami. I'm wearing a flowy, off white shirt from H&M and I like how it's quite greek goddess like too, it makes me feel 10x elegant than I actually am. As for trousers, these are some patterened jeans which I got from Zara during the sale, I really like them and have received compliments on them already despite having worn them only once! They do help to implement some colour to my otherwise dull closet which I like whilst still being subtle, and these fit very well. Ankle boots are normally associated with the colder weather but I somehow managed to make them a bit more summer appropriate by pairing it with the following pieces, they're very comfy -once broken in- and are very effortless too, these are also from Zara.  Last is (my sisters!) watch which I've been wearing a lot more lately, it's a white Ice-Watch but it's not as chunky as the normal ones and has swarovski crystals around the clock face which makes a little more sophisticated than the traditional ones, this has been my go to watch lately as it's so basic yet eye catching.
Here are some pictures of Reggie-
Ambra and I ended up having an amazing time and it was nice that we were able to develop our photography skills as well as hang out together, I really enjoyed doing this post which could mean I will be doing more fashion posts on my blog in the future!

What look do you prefer, 'smart' or 'casual'? What is your typical outfit in the summer?
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