Saturday, 27 June 2015

Building a minimalist wardrobe (not literally!)

Building a new wardrobe can seem very taunting and intimidating at first however if you pick your new clothes accordingly it'll be a breeze! I've put together the bare essentials in order to get your new style up and ready to go. These items are extremely easy to style and I can already think of many outfits that can be made using any of the items I've shown and they're all relatively cheap.

Basic tees have been life savers for me on many occasions, whether it's a last minute call to go out shopping or having to go to Tesco for my mum- most likely the second option- these tops are extremely easy to style. Personally I think just throwing this top on with a pair of mid wash distressed skinny jeans with the top slightly tucked in  along with some white converse can make a really easy and comfy outfit!

Again, another lifesaver, I think I'm going to be using that term to describe a lot of things in this post. Throw this on with some black jeans and a pair of white sneakers to give a fool proof look as well as that effortless Parisian vibe and let's face it, who doesn't want that? If you're wearing a bright red/orange/pink lip that day this minimalist top will help draw more attention to your bright lip colour even more!

I actually don't own a leather jacket yet but I've been contemplating on whether I should get one and have decided to wait until September as it'll be getting more where then. I've seen many girls on my Pinterest board styling leather jackets with a breton top and plain black skinnies with some ankle booties and it really does look more put together. Leather jackets are extremely versatile when it comes to styling- you could wear it with a floral dress to roughen it up a little or with a classic white shirt and tailored trousers for a more androgynous look. Lucky for us this leather jacket it on sale for £30 in Topshop!

These. Will. Save. Your. Summer. I'm not even joking, denim shorts will save you on those days when it's too hot and you simply cannot be bothered. By just throwing on these babies with a basic tee and a flannel wrapped around your waist you can quickly create a laid back outfit with just three items of clothing!

Ladies, I present to you one of your potentially most worn dress, the classic little black dress. This can go from day to night time real quick (0-100 real quick), during the day styling this with a denim jacket and some converse could make the perfect relaxed outfit but if you'd like to make it more suitable for the evening then adding a statement silver necklace and black strappy heels with a leather jacket will do the trick!

I have nothing else to say other than these are an absolute staple in your wardrobe- forget the stuff I spoke about above, these are the starting point for every girls new wardrobe and if you haven't invested in a good pair of skinny jeans then now is the time because these could possibly be the best clothing item you've paid for- trust me! You should always make sure you buy good quality denim, especially when it's black as I find that some black jeans do tend to fade away when washed and turn to this dark grey colour which I still like but just be cautious of that.

The high neck cami
As we all know black goes with everything so whether you wear this with white jeans, denim skirts or even patterned shorts just know that this basic piece has got your back, no matter how bizarre the other patterns in your outfit may be. High necks have been in trend for the past year and they still are so there are many ways of styling them. 

Nothing is more sharp than a crisp white shirt and a pair of black slacks so if you're going out for a fancy meal or just going somewhere smart then going for this outfit will definitely set some good first impressions. Also wearing this shirt with some distressed boyfriend jeans and heels can create a fashion oxymoron, but the good type!

Ahh, unfortunately it's a little too hot to wear these around but this is an essential when it comes to that awkward "it's not hot but it's not cold so do I wear a coat or not" stage around September so wearing this as a replacement to a coat could save you from potentially freezing in this bipolar British weather. Also monochrome is a good choice to go for in a cardigan because it'll probably go with the majority of your outfits so you'll look good whilst feeling comfy- win win!

These can literally be worn with everything especially as they are black, I find that they also look very feminine and dainty when worn with most things like dresses and jeans, they're also very comfy to walk in and if you invest in a good pair then you'll be able to get a lot of wear out of these.

I feel as if I've just rambled on for a very long time but hopefully my rambles can help someone who is trying to update their clothes or trying new things (like me!) Everything I've included in here is linked and they're all highstreet and the majority of the items picked are on sale so you can find these things at pretty good prices. 

What are your closet staples and what items are you looking to buy soon?
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Monday, 22 June 2015

Simple eye makeup

There are two types of girls: those who love to wear vibrant eye makeup and those who stick to the neutrals- I think I'm a bit of both but for those who are a like to keep it more laidback with the eyes, I have a simple look you can try! I tend to use this when I'm being lazy (always) or even on a busy school morning as it doesn't require much effort at all and can be done in less than 5 minutes. It's a great way to bring more light to your eyes and to define them a bit more, I think eye makeup can make you look so much more polished and as this look is so versatile you could wear it with a bright lipstick or wear a nude or gloss for that 'my face but better' look

As you can see my beloved Iconic 2 palette made it but we'll only be using two shades from it, I've also included my favourite mascaras, my trusty felt tip liner and my new brow product!

I find that putting the shade on the far left all over my lid can help cancel out any discolouration to create a nice, clean base. I then add the shade that's not on the far left (?), which a shimmery champagne and use a small amount for the inner corner but don't over do it as it can get all beneath your eyes and you'll look like you have a disco ball on your face.

 Now that's the eyeshadow done it's time for liquid liner, in this case felt tip liner as I'm very clumsy, the one I use is the Collection extreme felt tip liner and I find it's much simpler to use than your average liquid liner, I've reviewed this so if you'd like to know more about this product then click here. I start of with making short lines and then flick it out very slightly, this ensures what I like to call a 'kitten flick' which is more toned down and less dramatic than your average cat flick.

Mascara, probably the product I use most out of all, I use the Diorshow iconic mascara which I've spoken about so much so I won't go on as I'll be writing a review soon. I like to use 2 coats of this on top and bottom lashes to open up my eyes more and then I use a fine tooth comb just to "brush" my lashes out so they're more separated and not clumped together.

To get those eyebrows looking on point (jk) I use this MUA brow mascara which I featured in my last post here . To be honest I'm not exactly in love with but I don't hate it either, I use this on an angled liner brush and less is more for this product as I have to use a tiny bit of it otherwise I'll have slug eyebrows. Once I'm done I then brush out with a spooly to soften the harshness and distribute the product evenly.

What does your 'simple eye look' consist of? Do you prefer bright eye makeup or more natural eye makeup?

Friday, 19 June 2015

Products I'm currently testing

In case you couldn't tell by the lack of favourites posts on my blog I'm not the one to try new things and instead like to play safe and stick to my 'oldies but goodies' products but with the sun coming out more and the weather being much better than usual I've been feeling more spontaneous when I'm out shopping and have started to pick up some more things I wouldn't usually opt for.

 I don't usually buy anything from MUA mainly because nothing really appeals to me but whilst I was there a few days ago buying some shampoo this stood out to me, especially as I've been on the hunt for a budget friendly brow gel. This is the darkest shade there is but it is a little too dark when applied straight from the wand so I take this on an angled brush and use feathery motions to fill in tha brows. For only £2 this is one of those meh products but then again it's good for the price!

 Next is one of the Rimmel liquid lipsticks which I have been wanting to test out for a long time now so I picked this up in the shade Solstice which is a creamy mauve/nude shade so it's perfect for everyday wear. I tend to wear this when I have a bit more going on around my eyes in order to tone down my overall look. This lip lacquer applies really smoothly and glides on to your lips with lots of pigmentation. For £6.49 this is an extremely useful product to have in your makeup collection!

 With summer comes bright colours so when my cousin kindly gifted me this duo eyeliner in a light shimmery blue and a slightly darker blue colour I was extremely excited to try them out! I find that these give a pop of colour and I usually like wearing the darker colour on the outer water line and the lighter colour on the rest of my water line and smudge it out a bit and it looks really bright. I'd love to buy an orange or coral lipstick and wear this eye look along with that lipstick! I'm not sure of the brand of this eyeliner however there are many coloured liners out there to try. I've actually got a makeup tutorial coming up featuring this eyeliner so keep your eyes peeled...see what I did there!

Last is a mascara I've spoken about so much lately and I'm so glad my cousin gave this to me as it is an amazing mascara. It does everything you would want your mascara to do- volumise, lengthen and curl as well as stay put throughout the day. I've only started using this a recently but I already love it so much and I think it's well worth every penny, it costs £22.50 which is a reasonable price for such a great mascara and I use it everyday!

What products are you currently testing?

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Top three makeup brushes

You know what they say, good tools mean good makeup so here I'm sharing my most used and most loved makeup brushes. Of course these are by the famous Real Techniques as these brushes are great quality especially for the price and rumour has it that these brushes are even better than high end tools! All these brushes are the Real Techniques Nic's Picks brushes which I think are limited edition *sorry* I have a post on the full set of brushes here if you're interested in reading that

 First is the 'cheek brush' which I find is amazing at blending in concealer, BB creams and bronzers. I love how it is multipurpose so it's not only tailored for one area, it's extremely soft like every other brush and is the best for all round buffing. I think these types of brushes are an essential to every beginners makeup tool collection as like I said before you can use this for any part of your face!

Next is the 'base shadow brush' which I use to pack on my lid eye shadow as it picks up the right amount of pigment. It's also useful to blend out and kohl liner for a more soft, subtle and smoky look. Once again, a core eye brush, these are ideal for single colours which again is great if you're a beginner as you do tend to start of with just a whole lid colour so this will be able do the job for you. I've also tried blending out my crease shadow with this and even blending concealer into the more finer parts of my face like around my nose as well and it does a pretty good job.

Last is the 'angled liner brush' which I like to use for applying a brow gel as I find applying it straight from the wand is makes my eyebrows look much darker than they actually are. I also use this when I'm doing a cat eye, I start of by applying a black eye shadow with this to draw a initial shape and then go over it with my regular liquid liner- I feel doing this makes my eyeliner more long lasting. I don't think this is a must have HG brush for anyone who is just starting out but it's pretty useful if you do use a lot of liquid liners or brow products!

What are your favourite makeup brushes? Would you like a post on how I clean my brushes?

Friday, 5 June 2015

Favourite pins #2

I was having a little stalk of my blog and then saw that I hadn't done one of my 'Favourite Pins' post which I really enjoy putting together therefore I decided to do the second installment in this "series" if you'd like to call it that. My Pinterest is linked on the sidebar of this blog so feel free to have a little look- I have a special blogging board where I've pinned all my favourite articles on a variety of blogging tips so it could help you a little! If you'd like to read/see my first post then I've linked it here. It's honestly so easy to just get carried away on pinterest just staring at your #stylegoals and #makeupgoals with your eyes glazed over- probably isn't the healthiest hobby but hey, the things on there are worth it!

1. Stripes are always "in" and when paired with some loose fitting jeans they can create an effortless and breezy look which is perfect for the hotter days we are getting in London! A quick shoulder bag can be thrown on as well as some silver jewelry in order to maintain that minimalist look that everyone seems to love. I adore the combination of rolled up boyfriend jeans with elegant heels as they are almost a fashion oxymoron with the masculinity and femininity clashing together.

2. In case you didn't know by now I am obsessed with the orange lip look and have probably spoken about it in most of my recent posts #noshame. They can easily add some more colour to your face and paired with a lick of mascara, some white liner on the water line and rosy cheeks can make the perfect summer combination. I also find that orange lipstick does tend to suit most skin tones, especially olive skin (like mine) and browner skin but I'm sure that there are some more toned down versions for my paler girls out there.

3. Last is a pair of flats but not any flats, these are pointed flats which seem to have taken the fashion world by storm lately ever since the -gorgeous- Valentino pointed flats were introduced. Now as much as I wish to own a pair of the original pointed flats I simple can't (no money, no shoes) so I've just been scrolling down a numerous amount of cheaper flats that are equally as cute. I can imagine these being worn with a pair of black skinny jeans or tailor fit trousers or even with the beloved boyfriend jeans for that casual vibe whilst still maintaining that chic aspect too.

Do you use Pinterest? What are your favourite pins at the moment?

Monday, 1 June 2015

Blog Turn-offs

Yes I know we're constantly told by mothers, teachers and preachers not to judge a book by its cover
but it can be pretty hard sometimes.

Today I'll be doing a different post which is my blog turn-offs, I may come off as a bit negative but I don't mean it intentionally at all and I'm sure many may agree with the following-

1. Busy/cluttered design

This is one of the things that gets me all the time. Say someone has commented their blog URL and I decide to check it out only to be greeted with a massive header with a fluorescent sunset, bright red and yellow flashing adverts on either side of the blog and almost illegible font. As soon as it loads I would probably click right back and out of that blog just because it's too noisy and I'm too distracted by the other bits of the blog I can't even focus on the most important bit; the content. It's extremely easy to transform your blog by simply removing ads, changing font to a clearer one and even just doing a quick, speedy blog design fix with a white background and a custom header- there you have it, a read worthy blog.

2. Small photos

This adds on to the point I made before, I will not even bother to squint my eyes if the photos on the blog are small. If you've taken photos of your favourite lipstick surely you'd want to blow them up so people can see why this lipstick is so fantabulous? It's not extremely hard to just click on the photo and select the extra large option is it? I put a lot of time and effort into my blog and my photos don't slip out of the net and if you also put time into your photos why not make them massive to show them off! Tiny photos as a whole look unprofessional and decrease the spaciousness on the blog making it seem 'small' and cluttered; of course I've had small photos before but I've learnt the importance so if you have small photos then start enlarging them for future posts.

3. Grammar/spelling errors

Probably the worst of them all. I'm not a full on grammar 'nazi' (I probably am to my friends though) but I wouldn't want to read a post where the person has forgotten how to differentiate between 'there', 'their' and 'they're' or have made a significant amount of spelling mistakes. It's just very unprofessional. Yes, many people do have the odd slip up or two, that's fine because I've had them too but always manage to edit in the correct spelling/punctuation/grammar just because it makes such a big difference. Once again everyone makes mistakes but if every single post is full with grammatical or spelling errors it will put me off your blog and I'd probably not read it again. There are many free online websites out there where you can copy and paste your content and it'll tell you your spelling or grammar mistakes for you to change them so use those to help stop the widespread of illiteracy throughout blogs.

4. Basic content

No I don't expect you to do a blog post on your amazonian rain forest trek adventures and such but just make sure you throw in some content that will differentiate you from others because reading a post that many other bloggers have out there can just drown you into the others and you'll be just another blogger but we don't want that. Try writing a post that is unique to you, maybe your favourite parts of your hometown because many people who are reading that post could have never visited your area so it'll be more interesting for them and you get to take photos so it's win win. Another thing that goes under this is tags. I look on your blog what do I see? A tag, and another one, and another one! Sometimes they can get extremely repetitive and just plain boring they're usually not of high quality and they're posts you can throw together in under ten minutes which will most definitely show through when people are reading it. I do like having some variety here on Monochrome Daisies and I do have some tags up just to break the ice between myself and newer readers along with makeup reviews or OOTDs just so everything balances out and it's not all one certain 'genre' of post throughout the blog.

5. No replies & spam comments

Honestly I appreciate every single comment I get on here and reply to all of them, I know many bigger bloggers find it as a burden due to the amount of comments they get but I absolutely love doing it however sometimes when I comment on other peoples posts and check back a few days later to see if they've replied and see nothing then that puts me off a little. If you're a blogger you should dedicate time to have a chit chat to other people who cared enough to give their views and feedback and not just ignore it fully. Another thing that I despise is when someone comments 'Follow me on bloglovin' or something of that sort, it's extremely annoying...almost as annoying as a cluttered blog design. If someone comments that (which has happened before) it's as if they don't really care about what you've just written and only really care about getting an extra blog follower which I understand because I'll happily follow others if they want me too as long as I like their blog but when someone just asks if I can follow them it does annoy me a little.

Once again I hope I haven't offended anyone but more like taught you a lesson or two -sound much harsher than it is- because trust me once you've made sure you don't do these things your blog will be much more enjoyable for others to view and read! 

What's your blog turn-off, why?