Friday, 29 May 2015

Collective Haul | Lush, Zara, Brandy and more!

Of course every girl has to go on a bit of retail therapy every now and then and as a half term break I decided to go out shopping with Ambra to Kings Road on Tuesday, her haul is up on her blog FridaysAreFab so go and have a look. Some of the stuff was bought on other days  but the rest was from my Tuesday shopping fix.
So of course we headed to Lush because I needed to stock up but this time I decided to steer away from my usual buys and tried the Mask of Magnaminty -Ambra bought it too- The woman was really nice and told us what mask is best for our skin type and as I have combination skin she recommended this as it prevents any spots when I get a bit oily but it's still gentle enough to moisturise my dry patches too. I got the 125g pot for £5.50 but she said you get lots of uses out of it because only a thin layer is needed so I look forward to using that soon!

You can't go to Lush without coming out with a bath bomb of some sort so I decided to get the Space Girl bath bomb for my sister, it seems really fun and she said it has poppng candy which should make the bath a bit more interesting. Apparently it turns the bath deep purple which is my sisters favourite colour so lets hope she likes it, also it smells amazing- just like mixed berries!

Zara, oh how I love Zara. I went in here first and Ambra and I tried a whole lot of clothes which we ended up not getting due to our tight budget :( However I did drag Ambra in there around 5 times mainly because I really liked this a-line 70's style denim skirt but just didn't know whether I should buy it or not but just as we were about to go home I quickly returned to Zara and bought this skirt -finally!- but I'm still not too sure on it so I might return it soon and get a different style of skirt, make sure to tell me your thoughts about the skirt! This was £29.99 which isn't too dear but isn't really cheap however the denim is very sturdy and structured so it'll last long.

We had to go into Brandy Melville and as soon as we went it we were overwhelmed by the wide selection of graphic tees there were! First we tried on the alien tee which I really liked, Ambra ended up buying it but instead I got this plain black and white stripy top although I also think I'll be exchanging for the alien tee because this top is easy to find in other stores. The material is extremely soft and comfy as well as being flowy so it'll look really nice with the denim skirt from Zara, I got this for £14 which is quite good as I expected the prices to be much higher than that.

 Next is an eyeshadow palette I've been lusting over for the past month or so, it's the Makeup Revolution Iconic 2. I've been wanting to try this out as I've been hearing so many good things about the Iconic palettes and how they are of superior quality and are close dupes to the Naked palettes so I caved in and picked this up for only £4! I've been experimenting with these and have created around 4 looks so far so it's extremely versatile. I'd really like to try doing an eye shadow tutorial using this on my blog so tell me if you'd like that or not. I literally could go on forever about how darn good these are but I'll save my songs of praise for a full review on my blog soon.

Whilst I was at Covent Garden, my cousin and I noticed that there was a Simple Skincare event going on so we had to check it out! Turns out that all you had to do was post a picture on instagram tagging them and using the hashtag KindIsSimple to get a full sized micellar cleansing water and a pack of micellar cleansing wipes. Simple's products are always packed with multivitamins and no harsh chemicals which is great news for all skin types- especially sensetive skin. This is £4.49 but in Superdrug there's an offer where you can buy one item and get the other one free so that's an opportunity to try the wipes and cleansing water!
Lastly is my denim jacket which I did include in my wishlist here from Mango. I managed to get it on sale for only £15 which is a really good bargain. I've already worn it out and it goes with so many things but I love pairing it with a basic tank top and black jeans with sneakers of some sort for a more laid back but still put together vibe. It's not a very dark wash (I hate dark wash denim) but it's not too light so it's the perfect middle which I find very flattering.

Here are some photos I took whilst we were shopping-
Denim jacket- Mango \\  Top- Abercrombe and Fitch // Jeans- Topshop \\ Shoes- Vans //
You could probably tell how hard it was for us to pick one item- we wanted to buy the whole shop!
I love how cute the shop looks both inside and out
Lush masks, the mango one smelt delicious
We found also wondered around the back street where we saw lots of adorable, colourful houses

That was my haul, I know it's not huge like other peoples hauls but to be honest I don't really need any more clothes, maybe a few more makeup bits and bobs but that's all!

What's your favourite item from this haul? What are you planning to pick up on your next shopping trip?

Monday, 25 May 2015

A weekend in Oxford

In case you didn't know we went to Oxford as a pre birthday treat for my little sister over the weekend, I mostly took pictures around the place we were staying (mahoosive farm land thingy) because it was extremely pretty! I hope you like photo heavy posts because this is one of them, if you manage to get through them all then I'm going to high five you virtually!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

High Street Fashion Wishlist

You've probably heard me ramble on about how I really need to go shopping and how I really want to try new trends so here I am with a wishlist of the top 5 fashion items I want need. You will probably notice that the majority of the stuff here is from Zara with a few Mango items thrown in for good measure but it just happens to be that they're my favourite high street shop.Previously I did a high end beauty wishlist which will be linked here if you'd like to have a read of that too. Once again these aren't numbered due to order but I will say which ones I want more.

1. Mango medium wash denim jacket- In case you didn't know Mango is currently having a 50% mid season sale at the moment and this denim jacket is part of it at only £14.99! Denim jackets are timeless and always add a lighter, fresher vibe to the outfit whether they're paired with a long, flowy maxi skirt or high waist jeans and a tank top. They are extremely versatile and easy to style therefore it'll be a staple in my spring and summer wardrobe. This is 2nd on my 'want' list.

2. Zara trafaluc ethnic skirt- Everything in Zaras Trafaluc collection just screams ME. This style of skirt reminds me of the Topshop pelmet skirt only much cheaper at £15.99. Wacky prints are usually things I tend to steer away from because they're out of my comfort zone in terms of fashion however I like how this skirt still has that monochrome look with a splash of pink implemented to brighten it up a little, making it great for warmer months. I think just styling this with a plain white vest top and some simple sandals will make a great effortless outfit I can even throw on the denim jacket from Mango- I'm already making up outfits in my mind!This is 3rd on my 'want' list.

3. Zara trafaluc combination moccasin- I don't know about you but when I think of moccasins I get two pictures: one of an old woman wearing beige velcro ones by the M&S classic collection -anyone else with me?- or one of a girl from pinterest with a camel coat, black skinny jeans and moccasins looking tres fashionable. I feel like these shoes are quite classic and traditional but still have that modern twist with the chunky sole and oxblood colour, not only are they comfortable, the thick sole will add a few cm to your height too! These are 5th on my want list mainly because I feel like they're more suited for autumn months

4. Mango crochet vest- I love minimalism, that's just a fact, so this chiffon lace detailed vest is right up my street. Just pairing this with some regular blue jeans rather than just a plain white t-shirt can really add something to the outfit. This blouse type top is really light and airy making it ideal for the upcoming seasons and the crochet detailing adds a more girly and dainty aspect to it rather than it being just a plain jane white vest. I can't find this anymore on the sale section of the website so it's probably sold out *cries internally*, this is 4th on my 'want' list.

5. Zara navy wool coat- Autumn/Winter 2014 was filled to the brim with over sized, collared boyfriend coats in arrays of colours and although those seasons have passed shops are still bringing them in but with slight differences to them like this one with no pockets and no out turned collar. Although this isn't very appropriate for the Spring and Summer time I really want to get his coat as the colour is neutral so it goes with any outfit and it will get a lot of wear when it begins to get cold again because British winter is not nice! This coat is £69.99 which I think is good value when you take the quality and versatility of it into account so it is 1st on my 'want' list!

I'm hoping that I can go out shopping during the half term holidays next week as a miniature celebration for completing my hardest science GCSEs. I'll probably get around three out of the five things featured in my wishlist so when I do I'll probably be doing a haul post because they're my favourite to write (and read!)

What is on your high street fashion wishlist?

PS: I'm sorry for the bad quality collage, I done it in a rush because my 20 minute study break was on the verge of finishing so desperate times call for desperate measures amiright?