Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Lush boxing day haul

I've got to say, Lush done pretty well in their 50% off sale this year I mean I got four bath bombs for around £6! I never really go out on Boxing Day mainly because living in London means that all public transport is packed with other eager shoppers but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Bakerloo line was empty. The Lush store on Oxford street was also quite empty, possibly because I was there early. The majority of the store was filled with the Christmas range which was all half price meaning I had so much choice, I didn't want to buy an extortionate amount because I've done that one too many times (teehee) so I stuck to ones I knew I'd use.

Cinders bath bomb, £1.48:
I think this smells of caramel ,which I is weirdly comforting, despite the fact the website states otherwise and says it's cinnamon and almond oil. Doesn't the name Cinders remind you of Cinderella?

Dashing santa bath bomb, £1.48:
The name of this bath bomb is quite fitting to what Santa does- one night a year. This has quite a fresh scent and from what I can see online, leaves the bath water a very bright orange so this seems fun.

Peeping santa bubble bar, £1.98:
I've only ever tried one bubble bar and that's The Comforter (which smells just like ribena) Seeing as this was half price, smells like strawberries and has cocoa butter in it I had to get it.

Shoot for the stars bath bomb, £1.83:
This bath bomb reminds me of the Intergalactic I bought and used a few months ago, and judging from the description on the website I think it does the same thing too. Anyway, it looks super colourful so I look forward to using this.

Did you buy anything from the Lush sales?

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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Boxing Day haul

Hey dolls, I'm sorry this is a bit late by this is my long awaited Boxing Day haul, I ordered my ZARA clothing online and went to later went Victoria street and ended up buying some things from Topshop, Accesorize and Boots. 

1. The jeans are from the ZARA Trafaluc collection and they're such good quality and are extremely comfy as well! I like the rips on them and the fit too. Price~£17.99

2. From Topshop I bought a cropped lilac knit sweater which I think would look really nice with my Joni jeans which are also from Topshop. It's a good thickness for the upcoming winter months. Price~£12 

3. I also bought this big navy jumper from Zara which I wasn't planning on getting but I'm happy I did as this is so comfy and big,I love it! I can either wear it alone or with a blouse with the collar peeking over. Price~ £15.99 

4. From Accesorize I bought this tartan hair bow; I think it looks really nice to spice up a bun or when I wear my hair half up and half down. The pattern and colours in it are also quite suitable for the winter. Price~£2.50

5. Next up is a Soap and Glory 'Think Pamper' set which I got for £9, Which is a great bargain. In this you get the heel genius, glad hair day, clean on me, hand food, the righteous butter and the scrub of your life. You also get a large cosmetic bag and a body puff. I've never tried S&G so I'm excited to use these and might do some reviews on the products later.

That's all I have for my Boxing Day haul, I didn't buy much as I don't really need that many things to be honest and I'm trying to save up my money! 
Thanks for reading, Dalal x 

December favourites

I feel as if I'm the only person who doesn't get overly excited about December, probably because I don't celebrate the festivities that come with it- nevertheless I managed to rack up a couple favourites this month.

Nars creamy concealer:
The name says it all, a super creamy and easy to blend concealer that works amazingly well at covering dark circles and redness.

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge:
I bought this off Amazon a few weeks ago and haven't stopped using it soon, it's a really useful tool to have- I find the pointed side is great at blending more hard-to-reach areas.

Clinique clarifying lotion:
When I first started using this I hated it as it'd sting my skin and leave it soooo irritated but I decided to use it more frequently and it's started growing on me. It gently exfoliates and smooths your skin so it's ideal to use before moisturiser.

New Balance 373:
I've been needing a pair of trainers I could wear everyday as it's too cold to wear my very loved Vans, so on Black Friday I found these on Surfdome for £50, used an extra 10% code and got them for £45! They're extremely versatile and super comfy, I've worn them lots already.

What are your December favourites?

Can someone give feedback on this photo? I've taken it with my iPhone and I'm unsure of the quality 

Friday, 25 December 2015

Grey Days

Merry Christmas. I've had an ongoing argument with myself, deliberating on how I should spell 'grey'. Recently I've started to gravitate towards grey clothing as opposed to my usual blacks and navy's, I was looking through the Shein website so many items caught my eye as well as Zara- but that's nothing new. I definitely know what I'll be buying on boxing day!

What colour have you been wearing lots of lately? 

+ Sorry for the low picture quality on some of these photos. 

Thursday, 22 October 2015


Saturday was filled with the usual hectic London life, running errands and just getting ish done. I decided to greet Sunday with a more laid back approach, going down to the Kings road with a good friend. It was cold af so I used the weather to my advantage, finally being able to try out the sweater and skater skirt trend was different. I swear my new sweater makes me smile every time I put it on, it's grey, turtle necked and super duper warm. It's my new favourite!

Sweater- Primark (£12!)
Skirt- Topshop
Coat- Zara
Shoes- Doc Marten

What's an outfit you love wearing? Why?

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Falling out of love

No, this post isn't going to be about me expressing my despair and hardship after a terrible break up with the man of my dreams because quite frankly, Lucky Blue Smith nor Andrea Denver most likely don't even know I exist. Instead this post is about blogging. I've been blogging seriously for about half a year or more now and it's the most enjoyable experience putting up a post and genuinely liking what you wrote. But, lately I just cba with blogging anymore, and I can't quite pin point why I feel like this but I think it has something to do with blog photography and my current camera. I'm constantly pouring over fashion bloggers photos, not necessarily the ones with a 40k followers but more of the small/medium known ones like 'Dazhane Leah' , '1 Fine Dai' and 'Le-Visualiste'  and am increasingly jealous of their minimalist and high quality photos and feel like I can't do the same. Frustrating, really. As I said earlier, this all links to my ill thought through choices of buying a £100 bridge camera at the beginning of the year, thinking my blog photos would be outstanding. Thankfully, I have 2 year guarantee on the camera so I'll be getting my money back and also have saved up some money so I'll be getting a proper DSLR (Canon 100d) With a new camera comes a rekindled love for blogging, so I'll be back here posting more outfit and beauty posts soon.

Have you ever fallen out of love with blogging? How did you combat it?

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Tate Modern Gallery

I usually have one of those hectic days where it starts of pretty deflated and goes up from there- Saturday was one of them. After doing "homework" and "studying" with Ambra, we decided to get out of the house for a bit and just walk around, we went down South Bank and before we knew it we was at the entrance of the Tate Modern...that's not necessarily a bad thing either. We went in just generally wanting to look around, nothing we wanted to see in particular really so that's exactly what we done- wander around aimlessly and looking at every piece of art we came across. There were amazing well lit white walls where we decided to take a few outfit shots but we ended up being told off by approximately three security guards saying that the white walls are "private property" and "absolutely no photos can be taken there" although their weren't any signs stating any of that but I just decided to go with it. It got to a point where we actually had to ask different security guards if we can take photos on the white walls, I mean seriously...!? I really do confuse myself sometimes most the time, I have such different feelings towards things; in one photo I look super engrossed in the art around me and in the other, I'm checking Snapchat...I've never really realised the alarmingly short attention span I had until today. The art in the gallery was very different, they had lots of feminist exhibitions and some sculpures on show too, the blue fibres on the wooden pegs are meant to represent paint dripping of an easel if I remember correctly. My favourite piece of art had to be the paintings of John F Kennedy and Nikita Khruschev both pointing fingers at each other, I really enjoy studying modern history and it was delightful being able to analyse and thoroughly understand the explicit and implicit meanings of a painting. The glass and gold boxes were also super pretty, I have no better synonym to describe them but they reminded me of something I'd see on my Tumblr feed...I don't know! Overall it was super refreshing to get away from studying and just do something else that isn't related to biology nor maths, only downer of the day were the stingy security guards but you can't have everything I guess.

Outfit details:
Super duper comfy turtle neck sweater- Primark
Jeans- Zara
Shoes- Nike
Bag- ?

Have you ever visited the Tate Modern before?

PS: I'm sorry I'm doing a lot of lifestyle posts lately, I'm saving up for a Canon camera (nearly there!) so I can improve my photo quality for future blog posts.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

A for Autumn

The autumn time is a bittersweet period for me, by now I would have finally processed that summer is well and truly over but then I'll also be excited for what's to come next. Sentimental, I know but 100% true. Every season comes and goes but these are a few of my favourite things about autumn. Oh, and as I'm typing this I'm eating Thai green curry jealous ;-)

London Fashion Week kick starts the season and although I wasn't fortunate enough to attend any shows this year, the overall atmosphere is upbeat and lively. People of all different backgrounds and styles come together and unite to celebrate a common interest- fashion.

Fireworks and bonfire night, it's become a tradition for my family to go to Hyde Park to watch the fireworks every 5th of November so I always look forward too that. I'm not going to lie, it's freakin cold when the fireworks are on but it's such a lovely experience so it's worth the numb toes.

The actual fashion, I can finally wear an all black ensemble without looking strange amidst others in bright pink tanks and denim cut offs. Give me a black chunky knit sweater, black jeans and vans and my heart'll be content. Ankle boots are another thing I am eager to start wearing again, these not only keep your feet warm but they also help to elongate my (already lanky) legs and look elegant overall.

Living in London means that I'm constantly faced with harsh, biting winds, inevitable grey, rainy days and the cold so I've learnt to love and appreciate the feeling of finally getting home where it's warm and dry. It sounds ridiculous but it's a simple thing that just makes me feel so much better- getting somewhere warm after being faced with the cold.

I don't want to be cliche and say I'm excited for dark lip colours, but I am so there's no point in lying. However, I'm not ashamed to say that I am absolutely thrilled to start wearing dramatic liquid eyeliner again; by dramatic I mean a wing and two dots under each eye because that's as "rebellious" as I'd go- I'm clearly not about that double winged liner life.

What do you like about autumn? 
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Thursday, 1 October 2015

New In: Lush Intergalactic + Pink Flamingo

If you'd read my 'Lush Oxford Street' post, which you totally should. then you'd know that I 
obviously visited the store a few weeks a go and boy was I excited/overwhelmed/eager. I felt like a little kid in a sweet shop! 

There were so many different products around me so it was super hard to whittle it down to two products but decided to stick to the classics, a fun bath bomb (Intergalactic) and a bubble bar (Pink Flamingo). I decided to #handle the urge of buying all the skin care and the biggest bottle of the Comforter shower cream so a big pat on the back for me! I had a demo of the Intergalactic bath bomb, it's such a spectacular bath bomb and I've already used it- it gives off loads of colours, has popping candy in it (!), turns the water a deep blue with glitter in it and smells super refreshing. 

One mustn't enter Lush without leaving with a bubble bar, it's a routine for me (unless I'm broke haha) I decided to try the Pink Flamingo  which is a reusable bubble bar, the Lush bubble bars tend to last me up to 6 baths so that's impressive in itself but wanted to try this one. I always face the struggle of running the bath water too hot and having to crumble the regular bath bombs under scorching water but this has saved me the casualty of red hands. All you do is swirl the bubble bar into the water and hey presto, a light pink bath with lots of bubbles with no burnt hands, yay! This bubble bar contains macadamia nut oil which is such a hydrating and nourishing ingredient so I look forward to pampering myself with this. 

Have you tried any of these two products before?
PS: I have no idea why these photos have turned out so dark and unsaturated? 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

OOTD | Bright eyes, blue denim

One thing I was dreading about summer ending was the fact that I wouldn't be able to wear this denim skirt anymore, it sounds ridiculous- I know but the denim a-line skirt has seriously earned a proud spot in my heart. As it is late September the spontaneous part of me was like "It's still warm: wear the skirt, wear the skirt, wear the skirt!" so I did. It was around 17 degrees so that probably explains why my legs didn't freeze off although I did get the occasional spells of goosebumps. I feel like this post is going to dwindle into me talking about this skirt (which is from Zara by the way) and nothing else. Contradicting the short, light skirt I wore a grey, ribbed turtle neck purchased from New Look last year and made sure my tiny necklace poked through because why not? My mum, being the typical mum she is, insisted that I wear a jacket claiming it's too cold outside to go out without one so I just hurriedly threw on a plain black North Face jacket and if I'm honest I quite like how it just relaxed and loosened the overall structure of the outfit. The Doc Martens 1461's are a staple for me whether it be for school or for going out like this, they're very laid back and just fit well with everything worn with them.

What clothing item do you wish you could wear all year round?